rapala review

For this next post I would like to Review the Rapala Xrap Prop 110. This bait right out of the box looks ready to fish. What you get is the classic Xrap finish that fishermen know and love. Rapala has been at the lure game almost as long as sport fishing has been popular so you could say they know how to make a bait. This bait has a stellar finish that is like a work of Art. The bait has a great action and sound to it, with 2 counter rotating props the splash you get on top of the water is magnificent.  It stays afloat well and can take a beating. It is slapped with an 11 dollar price tag but that’s what most anglers would expect when it comes to Rapala quality and action. This is definitely a great bait to ad to your arsenal.




table rock lake

The next Tournament on the list is the Famous clear water fishery of table Rock Lake. This lake always proves to be a tough one because of the clear water finesse presentations. The First Day Aaron Martens came in with the biggest total at 18 pounds 11 ounces just 2 ounces ahead of the next closest angler, Mark Davis who is currently leading for angler of the year honors. Martens is a great finesse angler and someone who always seems to do well in the cold weather. This was early April in Arkansas/Missouri so it’s still a little chilly in the mornings. Martens was throwing a mix of finesse techniques such as worms and stick baits

final day on the St. Johns

The final day was the least exciting in terms of closeness. Dean Rojas had a good day but only lead Lane by 13 ounces. In the terms of professional bass angling he would win it with one keeper. A keeper is any bass over 14 inch’s which generally average right around a pound or more.  The nice thing about this tournament is that everyone who placed in the top 50 came up with at least 10,000$ to add to their bank account. Lane however got to add a little bit more, to the tune of 100,000 dollars. The thing people don’t realize is that the pay in bass fishing can be pretty good if you have a good year.


st johns river day 3

On the third day you find Chris lane Staying in the lead. He really crushed this tournament ending the day in first place again. The next closest was famed bass angler Dean Rojas who is very well known for his Spro Frog design which has caught many a big fish for any angler looking to tangle with think cover and lily pad bass fishing(some of the most exciting fishing out there.) day 3 wasn’t as exciting but still proved to be a good one out there.

day 2 on the St Johns

Day 2  on the Famed bass mecca the St. Johns river was a good one. This river is always filled with fish and is a great place for competitors to come for the second event of the season. Most competitors were targeting shallow spawning beds. Most of the country the spawn doesn’t start till April or May but due to Florida’s warm climate it starts earlier. Most of the competitors were targeting the beds specifically but not the eventual winner. Chris Lane was targeting  staging fish and doing a great job.


Bass Master elite series on The St. Johns River day 1

After Day 1 the leader was the winner of the Bassmaster classic the biggest tournament in bass fishing Randy Howell. he was looking for fish on their spawning beds or staging to spawn. He caught them on a jig and trailer combo or jerk baits. he was in the lead by 3 pounds at 27.3 pounds of weight total. the next competitor was davy hite who was catching them on crank baits

fake break up story

When Parker Moncada was young he never thought Jenna would have broken his heart.  The distance between them became to much for Jenna’s heart as she was in love now with someone else. Dug was never supposed to be in the picture but he was to irresistible for Jenna. Dug was a High School football star and relieving his dreams at Elon University. He was a preferred walk on place kicker, which Jenna just found, way to much. Parker was a star baseball player in high school but was not allowed to play in college because he had already played in the minor leagues even though his career was stopped due to a tragic knee injury. While playing in the minors he was hit in the knee at first base. Jenna decided that Dug had a more promising career so she left him.   The only thing about this was that Parker and Dug had been best friends since the beginning of their college careers. Parker was astonished that his new best friend for life would betray him in such a horrible way. At the end Parker was arrested by Elon police for sitting outside of Jenna’s room with a boom box playing candle in the wind.