made up news story

Today in a news report NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has decided to launch a space mission to explore outside of our galaxy. The news comes in today as they have been building a secret ship that has the ability to travel at the speed of light. This is an amazing feat and something that has never been done before. This will give the United States of America a huge leg up on every other country in the world. Space exploration has been said to be the key to the future of the Human Race. If the Astronauts who volunteered for this mission can find a habitable planet then NASA plans to begin talks about building and starting a society on said planet. The astronauts have been tasked with finding and taking samples from any planet that they find to be habitable. If a planet that is habitable comes in to play and the United States is successful in making a society on this planet then you really have to think about the possibilities that The United States will have in the future. Someday if the United States can find another planet then we will be way ahead of everyone else in the world.


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