fake break up story

When Parker Moncada was young he never thought Jenna would have broken his heart.  The distance between them became to much for Jenna’s heart as she was in love now with someone else. Dug was never supposed to be in the picture but he was to irresistible for Jenna. Dug was a High School football star and relieving his dreams at Elon University. He was a preferred walk on place kicker, which Jenna just found, way to much. Parker was a star baseball player in high school but was not allowed to play in college because he had already played in the minor leagues even though his career was stopped due to a tragic knee injury. While playing in the minors he was hit in the knee at first base. Jenna decided that Dug had a more promising career so she left him.   The only thing about this was that Parker and Dug had been best friends since the beginning of their college careers. Parker was astonished that his new best friend for life would betray him in such a horrible way. At the end Parker was arrested by Elon police for sitting outside of Jenna’s room with a boom box playing candle in the wind.


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