blog review

The blog Barstool Sports Boston is a very popular blog site for college students as well as Boston area residents. This site posts an assortment of different things on the site. Ranging from opinion pieces to sports to blogs that are less appropriate. Many people as inappropriate have flagged this sight. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this site due to some things that they have said. The feminist community really hates this site due to all of the posts that they have about women. The feminist community has even gone so far as to hold rallies to try and get the site shut down. Barstool Sports does have some great stuff on the site though. A lot of the things that they post a very funny, and they are widely accepted by their readers. They have never posted anything that was bad enough for them to be shut down. This site also has sister sites in Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. All of these sites are very similar and equally hated by a lot of people. Although this site may be flagged by a lot of people it has so many people that follow from around the country there is no way it gets shut down.


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