news story reaction


            In Danvers Massachusetts a teacher was found dead Wednesday in the woods behind the middle school. This story is coming out just three days after a student killed a teacher in Nevada with a gun. This story does not have very many details at the time since it is so recent. This is a tragic story and should never happen at any school. The accused murderer was reported missing on Tuesday night and was later arrested. The accused is 14 year old Philip Chism. They are not sure what the connection between the victim and the accused is but they do know that he was a student at the school. Chism was arraigned in Salem, Mass Wednesday and is being held without bail. He is thought to have beaten the teacher to death. The teacher that was killed was only 24 years old and was said to be a favorite teacher among the students. Blood was said to be found on the second floor of the school. This is how the teacher was said to be found. This kind of thing is something that is becoming more prevalent in schools. Gun violence needs to be stopped in America but it will be something that is very difficult to stop.


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