photo review

peacock bass

This image taken by Tony Ludocvico of Tony H20 photography is really fantastic. Since he is a professional photographer he has pretty much mastered the art of taking great photographs that an audience would like. The lighting in this photo is pretty good considering that it is under water. Underwater photography is tough to do considering all of the elements that are not in play. He made sure that the focus of the photo was the Peacock Bass in the front who is lit up with an array of different colors. Some fish have amazing colors that they have for no certain reason and he captured them perfectly in this photo. This Peacock Bass you can tell is very excited about something, most likely about food. He captures the behavior of the fish in a very artistic way. All of the colors on this fish are captured perfectly. The lighting is surprisingly good for something that is taken underwater. The different shades of color on the fish are very well defined, the shades of different shades of green are very obvious as well as the blue that shoes up on the top of the fish. All in all this is a very good image.


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